Friday, July 8, 2016

This Week's Salty Cape Fishing Reports - July 7, 2016

Since I usually post local reports to Maryland, I wanted to branch out a bit and share some of the salty reports from up north, my second home via Salty Cape.

Warming waters have put stripers in a fussy mood around the Cape this week. A good storm would stir things, but there isn’t really anything significant in the forecast. That doesn't mean there aren't big bass around, though. The Canal and Elizabeths have both produced big fish this week.

On the Sound Side, many recreational anglers are stymied in their attempts to catch sizeable bass and continue to focus on bottom fishing, with the fluke bite starting to heat up. The summer heat and humidity this week serve as a reminder that successful fishing this time of year requires a willingness to fish from dusk to dawn.

If you're located on the Outer Cape, Monomoy is the way to go, with fish to the high 30-inch range dialed in on squid patterns.

For those in search of tuna, east of Chatham is still your only real shot, with a few empty trips reported for south of Martha's Vineyard.



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