Monday, July 25, 2016

Daily Deal...$12 Cheeky Blitz Boardshorts

Via Cheeky Fishing:

What can we say? We're exiting the board short business. Eat your heart out Billabong ... we're finally getting out of your way!

All Blitz Wading Shorts are $12 until they're gone. No code needed.


Fly Product...Sage ESN Rod Series

Via Pitchengine:

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. (June 15, 2016)–Legendary fly rod manufacturer Sage is pleased to introduce the new ESN, an all-around European-Style Nymphing rod ideal for small creeks to big rivers.
“Built with a KonneticHD backbone, the ESN allows anglers to experience unmatched blank recovery, increased sensitivity, reduced weigh-in-hand, and superior shock absorption,” says Peter Knox, R&D design engineer. “Designed with a variety of long and short line techniques and situations in mind, this refined European-Style Nymphing rod allows anglers to confidently work any stretch of river the world over.”

The black ice blank has garnet thread wraps with metallic charcoal trim wraps. Hard chrome single-foot snake guides and tip top decrease weight. The super plus snub nosed, half-wells cork handle is comfortable in hand, and the stealth black anodized aluminum reel seat is down-locking for perfect balance. Laser etched line weights are easy to read on the slide ban. All models come in a black rod bag and black powder-coated aluminum rod tube for a price of $895. Available August 2016.


Daily Reel...'The Bank - Ep. 02 "Brian"'

In Episode 2 we are at the peak of drought in Alberta. The flows are low and the weather hot. The water is warm and the rainbows and browns have abandoned the long, deep, slow glides and pools, seeking oxygen mixed into the riffled water at the top of runs. The browns simply glow as olive smudges - so obvious from even 40m+ away. Brian & I communicate as he lines up behind this nice brown trout and does a good job of hooking up. The forgotten rule: don't turn your back on a fish while fighting it, and make sure you do what's needed to get it around or past rocks ASAP.

Stay tuned as we work our way through this awesome series and play a little catch up...see all of The Bank series' posts by clicking here.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Take Action...Captains For Clean Water // #NowOrNeverglades

Help save Florida's Everglades and coastal estuaries. Visit to sign the ‪#‎NowOrNeverglades‬ declaration.
Special thanks to the following:
Capt. C.A. Richardson - Flats Class TV
Capt.George Gozdz - Reel Time Florida Sportsman
Capt. Chris Wittman - Captains for Clean Water
Capt. Scott Walker - Into the Blue
Capt. Bear and Bannan Holeman - Key West Angling
Capt. David Mangum - Shallow Water Expeditions
Capt. Tom Rowland - Saltwater Experience
Capt. Daniel Andrews - Captains for Clean Water 
Capt. Flip Pallot - Angling Legend
Capt. Ray Van Horn - The Gypsy Angler
Capt. Blair Wiggins - Addictive Fishing
Capt. Chris Fischer - OCEARCH
Capt. Greg Dini - Flywater Expeditions
Capt. Travis Holeman - Key West Angling 
Capt. Robert "RT" Trosset - Spindrift Fishing, over 200 IGFA World Records
Capt. Ray Rosher - Miss Britt Charters
Capt. Steve Rodger - Into the Blue


YETI Presents: Kamchatka Steelhead Project

On Russia’s eastern coast, the remote Kamchatka Peninsula is teeming with wild Steelhead, kept protected by the country’s strict endangered species regulations. Follow Dr. Kuzishchin, Big Sasha, and their group of anglers as they document and preserve the legacy of Kamchatka’s Steelhead population.


Daily Reel...'The Bank - Ep. 01 "Helping A Friend"'

Via Jensen Fly Fishing:

The pilot for our new series "The Bank". Episode 01 "Helping a Friend" is helping our friend Devan with the subtleties and the intricate details and considerations that go into working a bankside riser. If you have never hired a guide but struggle with some of the finer points of working good, rising fish, the coaching Devan received is exactly what good fly fishing guides do. They keep a fairly even keel through encouragement and control, providing direction, yet allowing you to engage. We were on a favorite bank on the Bow River that is well known to have good risers and this day we engaged a few nice rainbows. We spotted the rise, drift wide around it as to not disturb it, and anchored at shore to wade back upstream. If you watch closely and listen to the rhythm and intensity of the casting, you can tell the longer the engagement continues, the more relaxed Devan's casting becomes and the greater chance he hooks up.

Stay tuned as we work our way through this awesome series and play a little catch up...see all of The Bank series' posts by clicking here.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Fly Product...New Sage 6200 Reel Series

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. (June 15, 2016)– Sage, the performance fly fishing products manufacturer, introduces the new 6200 reel family.

“This is our pinnacle big game and saltwater reel,” says Kurt VanWyck, vice president of product development. “We spent time in the lab and out in the field testing this reel in grueling conditions to ensure anglers who chase big fish all over the world have the toughest reel with the best drag package available.”
The 6200 series of reels are fully machined with cold-forged, tempered 6061-T6 aluminum. The rigid frame-to-spool connection offers great strength and the large, concave arbor creates high retrieve rates and larger line capacities. Each model features Sage’s sealed carbon system drag, with a one-revolution drag knob that has 40 detented drag settings for adjustable and repeatable drag resolution.
The series includes five models from 5/6 up to 11/12 in silver, stealth and cobalt finishes, hard anodized for surface protection and corrosion resistance. The unique porting pattern and spoke aesthetic combine for a highly ergonomic reel that will standup to even the strongest fish runs. Available August 2016, the 6200 reel family starts at $439 and tops out at $499.


The Wizard's Eye - Leg 3 Ep. 11

In the South of Madagascar a remote river is emerging as a classic whitewater run on the island. The expedition bags a descent of this beautiful river en route to Tsaranoro where one of the crew is planning on wingsuiting from the top of the highest cliffs on the island.