Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Make Fishing Great Again"

All photos by Capt. John McMurray

Capt. John McMurray of One More Cast Charters sits on a pedestal for me. He's one of the most knowledgable captains and conservationists I've had the privilege to know. With all jokes on recent national politics aside, the slogan "Make Fishing Great Again" can hold a lot more truths than what is initially perceived. John makes that pretty obvious in his recent grand slam of an article that was sent along to me to be shared.

From a fishing standpoint, this is important and from a conservation standpoint, this information is paramount. I'm going to hand over the reigns to John and let his blogging speak for itself. Enjoy...

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Thursday, December 1, 2016


For many anglers the season is divided between fishing and fly tying.  For many of us, this time of year is firmly in the latter.  Matt will be keeping it simple this week with some go-to standards for chasing trout that might be holed up a little deeper in cold winter water.  As always, Matt will throw his own spin on these patterns.

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Maryland Weekly Fishing Report - December 1, 2016


By: Keith Lockwood

Despite chilly temperatures and some pesky wind, on mild days this is a wonderful time to do some fishing whether on the bay, a favorite lake, pond or tidal river. There is still some color in the trees and the fish are still biting. Make an effort to get out, even if for a short spell, before the holiday rush gets too crazy and winter's grip tightens.

Fishing in the lower Susquehanna has been slow this week for striped bass and other species due to the lack of power generation water releases from the Conowingo Dam. Out at the mouth of the Susquehanna and Elk Rivers striped bass fishing has also been slow with the only action coming from the deepest parts of the channels. Yellow perch are beginning to show up in the lower sections of the rivers in the upper bay region and providing some action and good eating.

Farther down the upper bay, cold water temperatures are turning the striped bass action dial to lower readings as the fish begin to hunker down in the deeper parts of the channels. Some are still feeding but it takes patience and a lot of lead in the form of inline weights to get bucktails down to where the fish are suspended if you are trolling. Jigging can still be productive and soft plastics or metal jigs will get the job done if you can find some cooperative fish. There continues to be a lot of small fish around but some real whoppers are being caught also. The action in the tidal rivers such as the Patapsco, Gunpowder, Magothy and Chester has been reported to be slow lately but there is hope it will pick up again. Water temperatures are hovering around the 50° mark this week and once they fall into the low 40's most striped bass will hunker down to sit out the winter in the deepest parts of the channels that have sufficient oxygen levels and slightly warmer water temperatures.

The Bay Bridge is always a late season draw and fish will be found suspended at the rock piles and bridge abutments holding close to the bottom. Jigging is the best way to get to them and soft plastics often outperform metal in this situation. Small heavy metal jigs are a good bet when fishing at the rock piles for white perch.

In the middle bay region there continues to be scattered striped bass action and all of it tends to be in very deep water, 50' or more. The deeper channel edges of Kent Island are usually a great place this time of the year to find schools of striped bass and white perch holding close to the bottom. The mouth of the Choptank and Little Choptank have been providing good reports this weekend for those jigging deep. Josh Kaltreider holds up a nice one he caught recently near the Gooses in about 50' of water.

Photo courtesy of Travis Long