Friday, August 26, 2016

Vedavoo's Upgrade Your Gear Event

Now this may go down as one of the most epic things of 2016. Vedavoo continues to prove themselves as a top notch company run by top notch people. If you don't have gear from Vedavoo yet to trade in, head on over to their website and get you some. I'm biased towards the ARC Plier Pack...

Via Vedavoo Event Page on FB:

When you have gear that never gives up, it's tough to justify buying that new pack you've been eyeing. But - WE'RE GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO DO JUST THAT!

- Maybe you want the newest version of the pack you have...

- Maybe you want a different model we make now...

- Maybe your needs / color tastes have changed...

THROUGH THE END OF AUGUST, we're offering our loyal customers the opportunity to send back their used gear for a nice discount on new packs we offer!

All returned gear will be re-touched and presented to PROJECT HEALING WATERS for them to give to the veterans they serve.


  2. Use the form to start your upgrade
  3. Once we verify your request, we'll send a single-use coupon
  4. Use it to place your order through
  5. Send your CLEAN / DRY old pack back to us
  6. We'll send you your new gear


For those of you who still are using your pack, don't sweat it! We'll build your new one and let you know when it's ready / when to send back the old. Once we have it in hand, we'll send out your new gear!


  1. Valid only to original owners of Vedavoo Gear
  2. 1-to-1 upgrades only (ie – turn in your old Hip Pack and get a Hip Pack Deluxe)
  3. Anything can be returned, but we can only build products we currently offer through
  4. Products must be returned CLEAN and DRY
  5. Do not machine wash (ruins fabric coating), but please rinse and thoroughly dry out your gear before you return it.
  6. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.


E-Zine...This is Fly - Issue 27


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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daily Deal....$10 Crooked Creek Holler T's

Via Crooked Creek Holler:

Click the image or link above to get your CCH swag now, today is the last day!

And many more...


Maryland Weekly Fishing Report - August 24, 2016


By: Keith Lockwood

All creatures big and small felt a welcomed relief Monday when temperatures and humidity dropped after a line of thunderstorms moved through the region Sunday. Water temperatures in the bay have dropped as much as 4 degrees in the past 24 hours and freshwater areas are seeing the same relief. Yesterday rivers and lakes could be seen steaming in the early morning chill. Hopefully this is the beginning of the hot and humid weather loosening its grip on the Maryland landscape. 

The upper bay region is providing plenty of good fishing for striped bass from the Rock Hall area south to the Bay Bridge. There continues to be consistent chumming action at Swan Point, the channel edges at Love Point and the main channel edges outside the mouth of the Magothy River south to Sandy Point Light. There are plenty of spot to be found in the shallower waters and live lining spot has taken the forefront as the most popular and productive method to catch a nice grade of striped bass. There are bluefish in the upper bay also cutting through chum slicks and chasing schools of bait on the surface with small striped bass. 

Trolling small spoons, bucktails and surge tube lures behind planers and inline weights has been a good option for those not wishing to chum or live line. The 30' channel edges are the place to be as well as near breaking fish. Umbrella rigs have also been popular items to troll. 

Fishing for white perch has been good along shoreline structure in the mornings and evenings should improve with cooler water temperatures. Fishing deeper with bottom rigs baited with bloodworms over hard-bottomed shoal and reef areas in the bay and channel edges in the tidal rivers has been productive during brighter daylight hours. A simple sinker rig with two dropper flies or small jigs can also be very effective when fishing deeper waters. 

The Bay Bridge piers and rock piles continue to hold striped bass that are providing good fishing for those live lining spot or jigging with bucktails. A mix of spot, croaker and white perch can be found in the shallower areas near the bridge piers. 

Below the Bay Bridge boats have been anchoring up along the 30' channel edge from Dolly's Lump south to Chesapeake Beach and to a lesser extent along Brick House Bar south to Buoy 83. Just about all are live lining spot but a few are chumming with menhaden or razor clams. 

Breaking fish are being encountered throughout the middle bay region this week on a regular basis. The surface action is often a mix of small striped bass, bluefish and Spanish mackerel chasing bay anchovies. Most of the striped bass are in the 14" to 16" size range but every once in a while a school of striped bass in the mid 20's will be encountered. In addition, a trick known to many is to jig underneath the surface action where larger striped may be lurking. Trolling is a good option with small spoons or surge tube lures behind planers and inline weights. It pays to place at least one large spoon out in a trolling spread for a chance at some catch and release action with the large red drum in the region. 

Photo courtesy of Ted Macknovitz

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fly Product...Vedavoo's Seam Sling

The one sling every angler should own – handbuilt for you.
Built with twice the capacity of our Tightlines Series slings… but for the angler who doesn't need something as big as our Beast all the time, this sling was designed to hit the SEAM between the extremes. Space to carry 8 Tacky Boxes, or 4 of the Cliff Super Days Worth size box, etc., the pack is versatile enough to carry a selection of almost any sized box. Connections for tools and tippet, three big pockets for gear, and a sleeve for a water bottle (or other refreshing beverage).
The pack anchors better to your back without need for a third strap, helping to keep your load balanced, out of the way, and within quick reach when you need it.

Available in all Vedavoo colors for $140-$150 depending on color, custom made in the Vedavoo workshop...Better American Gear.


Fly Tying...The Deep Throat Sculpin