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Maryland Weekly Fishing Report - August 14th, 2017


By: Keith Lockwood

Both lower and high tier views of the Bay Bridge at sunset.
Both lower and high tier views of the Bay Bridge at sunset. Photo by State of Maryland
As I was coming across the Bay Bridge yesterday evening, I could not help but marvel at the schools of juvenile menhaden plying along the calm surface of the bay and drifting along in the currents on both sides of the bay. The bay is truly a bountiful basin of life and on this evening there did not seem to be any hungry striped bass or bluefish nearby. All was calm on the Chesapeake this evening, at least at this area.

Satellite imagery of the Chesapeake Bay from NASA
Satellite imagery from NASA
The Conowingo Dam has been releasing a lot of water at mid-day intervals for power generation and there is a lot of discolored water moving down the lower Susquehanna and into the uppermost parts of the bay. It is beginning to clear some in the last six days and hopefully fishing will improve. In this satellite image from August 4, 2017, one can see the stained water coming out of the lower Susquehanna River.

Fishing for striped bass in the upper bay region continues to be one of the best places in the Maryland portion of the bay to consistently find striped bass exceeding 20” in length. The action for those chumming has been the best at Swan and Love Points with the action slacking off this week at Podickory Point. Sub-legal striped bass that are less than 20” are still dominating the chum slicks and also surface breaking fish events. Breaking fish in the areas around Love and Swan Points has been recently offering a fun way to catch some nice fish by jigging underneath the smaller surface striped bass. Breaking fish are being spotted mostly in the early morning and evening hours as striped bass chase juvenile menhaden along channel edges and most of the action lately tends to be on the eastern side of the bay.

Small bluefish have moved into the region and have been nipping at cut baits being drifted back in chum slicks and making short work of live spot being live lined in the region. The good news in regard to live lining spot is that spot can now be found in some of the region’s tidal rivers such as the Magothy and Chester Rivers.

Fishing for white perch remains good this week in the tidal rivers and hard bottom shoal areas in the bay. If you can find wild caught shrimp at the grocery store they make good bait when bottom fishing for white perch as well as peeler crab and the more expensive bloodworms. Fishing close to shore around structure is a fun way to catch white perch with light tackle. Small jigs with soft plastic bodies are an excellent way to fish and tend to not hurt your pocketbook too much when you get hung up. If you can catch your own with a fine mesh net, grass shrimp tend to be the ultimate bait when used on a simple one hook bottom rig or on a small jig fished tight to old dock piers and similar structure.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

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