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As a native of Annapolis, MD, I learned everything I know about being a waterman and fishing, not only from the water I grew up on, but from my Dad as well. I grew up right on the Chesapeake Bay, only 5 minutes from the water. I loved fishing from the first time I picked up a pole with my Dad. Over the years, my experience grew not only in the sport but also within it as I learned more and more about different techniques and species. After high school, I headed North to Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania to play lacrosse. With its campus divided by the Yellow Breeches Creek, I figured I could use my vast knowledge of the sport to my advantage despite never freshwater fishing outside of a farm pond for largemouth bass. I soon found out I knew very little and because I was going to have to learn the other side of the sport again...my teammate decided, why not learn the right way, with a fly rod. Thats where the addiction began...

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Think globally...fish locally and if you look good, you'll fish good.

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