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Here at TLTFF we hold a strong belief in learning your gear for you fish it. As a tribute to that belief, we've taken on the task of trying out gear for your, our readers, so that you may have that one piece of information you've been looking for that makes you select one brand over another. After juggling the pros and cons all week, there comes a point where you just want to know that your getting the best bang for your buck.

We love reviewing products as well, it give us an idea of what WE like. With well over 20,000 of you awesome readers and followers visiting our site a month, its crucial that we serve you up the best plate of information one could find on the bloggerverse. Simply put, we owe this to you!

As for companies looking to have products reviewed, we are ALWAYS open to doing so, even if its something as small as a size 22 dry fly. Thats said, we are only open to reviewing products as it applies to us and our readers. Getting an email about trying out some new type of potato masher, well, will probably go right to the spam box (or forwarded to some Julia Child cook-a-like blog). To give us an opportunity to check out who you have to offer, shoot us an email to We love getting the word out about your gear, especially if we like it. We always give unbiased reviews and want the best opinion of what you have to offer, based off of the viewpoints and foundational values we have here at TLTFF. With the trips and profound number of species we fish, that guarantee is doubled as well.

To check out all of our past reviews, click here. Check them out and we hope they help. We're always open to opinions and if you have ANY questions about gear, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We're gearheads here at TLTFF and love helping other people out with their decisions on gear they should be using.


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