Monday, September 7, 2015

Daily Deal...25% Off Risen Fly for Labor Day


1 day only, Labor day September 7th.

Code: laborday

So this Labor Day thing.  It's a day we celebrate all the hard work we have done to be prosperous in our labor.  In doing so we take off work.  Yeah that's irony if I've ever seen it, but if we are taking a day off of work, what better way to celebrate than in the things we love to do when we're not working.  FLY FISHING!  So today lets celebrate the items in our massive collection of equipment that do the most labor for us... our rods and reels.  So today only save 25% on any rod, reel, spool, combo, starter kit, reel and spool combo; yeah you get the point.  If it has a rod or reel in it, it's on sale.  So hop onto our site, grab a rod or reel you've had your eye on and save some cash. 


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