Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fish Art...Scalefish Studios + Giveaway

Nate Karnes of Scalefish Studio and I connected earlier this year when I was tagged in one of his photo on Instagram. I scrolled through his IG feed and eventually found myself liking almost all of his photos. I fell in love with his creative nature and the passion behind that creativity.

Nate and I began to talk and before I knew it, I had a decal with his famous "Pig Brown Trout" print (see above photo) on my YETI, one of my favorite and most mentioned stickers of all my cooler real estate. Nate and I spoke back and forth for awhile and he came up with a print only an east coast striped bass fisherman would love...the "Striper Cow".

All of his animal art is play on words to match what we nickname large fish of a certain species. It works so well together, thats what makes it so unique. Here are a few other examples of what he has to offer...


Where does this all fit into Carp Week you ask...well it just so happens that Nate's latest masterpiece, titled "Pig Carp", was released a few days prior to carp week and are already made into stickers.

I know, awesome right?! Today, we will be giving away 3 "Pig Carp" stickers. How does one obtain such an awesome piece of sticker porn? Easy...

-Follow/Like Scalefish Studio on Facebook and/or Instagram

*If you do not have a Facebook or Instagram, copy the URL of his store and send it in the email.*

-Email us at with the subject line "Scalefish Pig Carp".

-Tell us what your favorite other animal sticker from Scalefish is.

-Three lucky winners will be selected tomorrow via

I actually have a few pieces of Nate's work in my house, some in my tying room and some around the house. His work goes far beyond his animal line, in fact, his commissioned work and originals are out of this world. Roll on over to his site, to see what else he has to offer including shirts (available for pre-order now), stickers, and more.


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