Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carp Week 2014 Photo Contest - LESS THAN 24 HOURS REMAIN

So far we've received about 250 entries (individual photos) into this year's 2014 Photo Contest. The gear we're giving away this year is pretty ridiculous, seriously, its well over $1,000...that YOU could win! I figured, since there is 24 hours left until the contest ends, I'd give you a little more stoke to sleep on once you've submitted your photos knowing what it is you could potentially win.

If you need a little refresher, heres how the photo contest works...


-Submit all photos to with the subject line "Carp Week Photo Contest". 

-Max of 4 pictures per person (one per category).

-Picture must be in PNG or JPEG format.

-The categories will be as follows:
  • Best Picture
  • Biggest Carp
  • Prettiest Carp
  • Ugliest Carp

-1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be selected for each category and will win some sick gear from the companies listed above.

-Submissions are due by August 24th, 2014 by 8am.

-Winners will be announced on (Sunday) August 24th through a blog post in the afternoon.

-Any questions can be directed to

So what do you win you ask? You may want to sit down for this, the prizes are pretty unreal...

Best Picture -

1st Place - Custom Vedavoo Tight Lines Sling. You pick the color, as with all Vedavoo products, its made 100% in the USA and made to order! 1 pair of Dizm Eco Eyewear shades -$225 Value

2nd Place - Handcrafted Wetfly Net (medium) and 1 pair of Dizm Eco Eyewear shades. -$155 Value

3rd Place - Wetfly Farmer John Hat and a Cheeky Fly Fishing beverage koozie and reel pouch. -$50 Value

Biggest Carp -

1st Place - 12wt Apparel mixed bag of their newest, freshly-launched gear and colors and set of Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes - $150 Value

2nd Place - Handcrafted Wetfly Net (medium) and set of Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes. -$85 Value

3rd Place -  BadAxe Design Carp Hat and set of Goat Head Gear Sole Spikes. -$50 Value

Prettiest Carp -

1st Place - A custom, made-to-order, Nature Boy Designs "Con Mas" 550 Lanyard, a dozen Feather-Craft carp flies, and a Feather-Craft "Meat Locker" Fly Box. -$110 Value

2nd Place - A dozen CarpPro carp flies, a Cheeky Fly Fishing beverage koozie and reel pouch. -$50 Value

3rd Place - BadAxe Design Patch, The Fly Trout shirt and a Loon Outdoors hat. -$50 Value

Ugliest Carp -

1st Place - An assorted bag of Bozeman Fly Goods' brand-new Bug Collars, a bag full of Allen Fly Fishing carp hooks, and a BadAxe Design Carp Hat. -$110 Value.

2nd Place - A WV Angler Sun Mask (Buff) and a Feather-Craft "Meat Locker" Fly Box. -$80 Value

3rd Place - BadAxe Design Patch, The Fly Trout shirt and a Loon Outdoors hat. -$50 Value

I hope you were sitting down for all of that. As you can see, pretty crazy. Even in 3rd place your walking away with $50 in gear, just for sending in a photo of a carp you caught! This is by-far the largest giveaway we've ever done both in value and sheer size. It only happens once a year, during Carp Week, so dig through your computer and phones photo libraries and send those photos in by tomorrow at 8am!


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