Friday, August 22, 2014

Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway - Day 6

This giveaway has ended.

Our Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway segment continues with Day 6. We had around 165 entries into Day 5!

Today's Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway is brought to you by friend, Carp Pro pro team member, and celebrity, Pat Cohen aka RUSuperFly. He has donated eighteen of his tried and true carp patterns, including a few made with his own Carp Dub. Check it...


-To enter, you must shoot an email to with the subject line "Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway Day 6".

-'Like' and/or follow Pat aka RUSuperFly via one or more of his social media outlets...Facebook or Instagram

*If you do not have Facebook or Instagram, copy and paste the RUSuperFly URL into the email once you've visited the site.*

-You must refer three people to and let them know about todays giveaway.

-Only ONE submission per email, duplicates will be deleted.

-Submissions will be accepted until TOMORROW MORNING at 6:00am.

-ONE winner will be selected by's random number generator.

An enormous thanks goes out to Pat for giving us his time and 18 of his proven flies for your benefit! Pat's deer hair flies are a piece of art, for those of you who haven't seen them yet, give them time on the site, you won't be let down.

*Don't forget about the week-long Photo Contest, click on the link on the top right sidebar for details!

And the winner is...Matt Simms

Thank you to all 256 of you that entered, make sure you check out the current Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway!


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