Thursday, August 21, 2014

Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway - Day 5

This giveaway has ended.

Our Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway segment continues with Day 4. We had over 120 entries into Day 4!

Today's Carp Week Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway is brought to you by Water's Edge Fly Co. Jason H of Water's Edge has tied flies for us here in Annapolis for most species we've targeted, from Bonefish to Tarpon, Largemouth to Striped Bass, and Carp to Smallmouth...AND THEY ALL PRODUCE! Every trip we've taken Water's Edge flies on have caught us fish. Putting some of these bad boys in your box = good fish mojo.



-To enter, you must shoot an email to with the subject line "Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway Day 5".

-'Like' and/or follow Water's Edge Fly Co. on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook, you must copy and paste the Water;s Edge Fly Co. URL into the email once you've visited the site.

-Only ONE submission per email, duplicates will be deleted.

-Submissions will be accepted until TOMORROW MORNING at 6:00am.

-ONE winner will be selected by's random number generator.

A big thanks goes out to Jason for providing us with some awesome carp flies from his Carp Collection online. Like I said, these flies catch fish for sure. I caught my first Beaver Island carp on the Dirt Merchant.

*Don't forget about the week-long Photo Contest, click on the link on the top right sidebar for details!

And the winner is...Dean Wormell

Thank you to all 112 of you that entered, make sure you check out the current Daily Dozen Fly Giveaway, there is one a day through all of Carp Week! 


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