Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vedavoo ARC Plier Pack @ IFTD/iCAST

Almost a year ago, good friend Scott Hunter (owner and founder of Vedavoo) and I had a phone conversation to catch up and check in. During the conversation, Scott and I got into details of new products. I had a few floating in my mind that I shoved his way and of course, being the innovative and industry-changing professional he is, he already had them on the drawing board and in the prototype stages. But, there was one sleeper that I snuck in that was not amongst the lineup...what is now the Vedavoo ARC Plier Pack. We bounced ideas and specs back in forth over the course of a few months with Scott leading the way with his knowledge of textiles and design and me contributing with my simple vision.

Boom, a few months later, at The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ I had the finished product in hand...and it was beyond what I expected, a perfected version of my vision. Heres the post I put up about the new pack post-show.

Here are some specs and details on the pack...


A home for your pliers that works with any ARC ACCESSORY READY packs or can be worn off your belt. Designed with the support of the crew at TIGHT LINED TALES OF A FLY FISHERMAN.

Every ARC pack is hand-built to order in our workshop using 1000D American woven Cordura fabrics and closures. Even the thread used to sew your gear is American Made. We’re looking forward to building yours!

Weight:           2 ounces

Dimensions:    4W x 7.5H x 1/4D When Secured

Materials:       1000D American Cordura Body
                       Durable American Stretch Pocket
                       Heavy Duty National Molding D-Ring
                       VelcroUSA Connectors
                       Fits most standard pliers (not included)

Features:        Works with any of our ARC Packs:

                       – Hip Pack
                       – Utility Belt
                       – Chest Pack
                       – Saddle Pack
                       – Tightlines Sling Pack
                       – Spinner Daypack
                       – Simple Pocket
 – Deluxe Pouch

Heavy Duty Stretch Pocket Secures Pliers for Easy Access
Durable D-Ring for Leash
Fold-Over, Easy Set VelcroUSA Connector

Jumping forward to present day...the Vedavoo ARC Plier Pack is currently entered into the "New Product Showcase" at IFTD/iCAST as your reading this post. I spoke with Scott briefly two nights ago and he informed me of this. I couldn't express more gratitude to Scott for not only making my vision come true and moving forward with this collaboration...but also in being such a great friend and reflection of the type of people that drive this industry forward.

Be sure to check out the brand new Vedavoo site and give them a follow and like on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Thank you Scott.


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