Friday, February 7, 2014

Fly Product...Vedavoo + TLTFF = The New Vedavoo ARC Plier Pack

We've loved the progression Vedavoo has made and watching them has been an absolute joy. We've been privileged enough to not only learn from Scott, but build a relationship with him.

Once we began to network with Scott and our relationship grew, my respect for the company and Scott himself grew exponentially more. A few months ago, Scott and I caught up on the phone and ended up throwing around a few ideas. I found quickly that not only is Scott awesome enough to hear out the small guy (some random blogger from Annapolis), but has his ideas in line so much that for every 5 ideas I mentioned, I got the simple response of..."its funny you say that, because we have _____ in the planning phases." He was one step ahead, showing he knows his customer base, and as a fisherman himself, has a great idea of other fisherman's needs.

There was one idea that I brought to the table that was not already planned. Scott was awesome, super receptive, and immediately asked for us to move forward. The next day, one of my pair of salt pliers were in the mail to Scott and three days after that, the gears began to turn.

Fast forward a few months, to Somerset. Scott had messaged me a few weeks before the show and mentioned he had something for me. I knew exactly what it was and could not wait to get up to Jersey. The day of the show came and I could not stop talking about the new pack. I ran into Scott shortly after walking through the door, and he simply said "stop by the booth, there is something there for you." To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Scott took my idea and not only expanded it to its full potential, but blew it out of the water.

So without further adieu, I present to you, the Vedavoo ARC Plier Pack, available in all Vedavoo colors...

A quick attach pack for your pliers - wear it easily from your belt, or connect it to any of the packs we build with room for ARC Gear Attachments... Fold-Over VelcroUSA connector makes it easy to swap in, swap around, and securely connect where you need it. Fits a variety of Pliers - to confirm it'll fit yours, drop us a message at

Weight:           2 ounces

Dimensions:    4W x 7.5H x 1/4D When Secured

Materials:       1000D American Cordura Body
                       Durable American Stretch Pocket
                       Heavy Duty National Molding D-Ring
                       VelcroUSA Connectors
                       Fits most standard pliers (not included)

Features:        Works with any of our ARC Packs:

                       – Hip Pack
                       – Utility Belt
                       – Chest Pack
                       – Saddle Pack
                       – Tightlines Sling Pack
                       – Spinner Daypack
                       – Simple Pocket
  – Deluxe Pouch

Heavy Duty Stretch Pocket Secures Pliers for Easy Access
Durable D-Ring for Leash
Fold-Over, Easy Set VelcroUSA Connector

Made in the USA:

Every pack we ship is hand cut, prepped, built, and finished to order in the USA using American Made fabrics and hardware.

Here's a little video about the Vedavoo ARC Accessories for those of you who aren't quite sure...

I cannot tell you how much this project, and Vedavoo means to us here at TLTFF. With a thousand thanks to Scott and his amazing company, we hope that you will roll on over to their site and check out the ARC Plier Pack. For $19.00, you can't afford not to buy this.


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