Friday, November 2, 2012

Allen Releases Their Newest Reel - The Kraken

Through my contacts I've been hearing rumors of a new reel from Allen for a few months now. With the release of their Eric Hornung Artist Series Kraken Decal and Shirt, I had an idea that something big and new was coming and got a decent idea of what it looked like with the head of the beast being the design of the reel.

But, now that its finally released (as of yesterday morning), I'm am in awe. With 6 Allen reels making their way into my collection this year after falling in love with my first, the Trout Reel, I have turned over all of my reels now for Allen's. The Kraken and Trout II are next. Not only is the reel made by an amazing company but it has one of the best designs on the market today. Its an affordable reel that will simply get the job done on the big boys. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, the Allen Fly Fishing Kraken Reel...

The Kraken delivers on all criteria laid out by our guides and pros who get their thrills from pursuing the biggest, fastest fish this sport has to offer.  Featuring our first sealed drag system, it is ready to take on whatever situation your freshwater and saltwater situation calls for.  With its incredibly lightweight design machined from aerospace grade barstock aluminum, you'll be able to hold the arm fatigue at bay without sacrificing structural integrity.  The Kraken is also our first reel to feature a V cut spool to guide your backing on evenly during your most high speed fish battles!
We offer three sizes to cover all ranges of big game fishing, whether you're fishing 9' rods in the tropics, or a 14' Olympic two hander in the Pacific Northwest, there's a reel to fit your needs!

Every Kraken reel sold will come with our Kraken "Artist T-Shirt".  
Enter the shirt into your shopping cart and use this discount code at checkout: KRAKEN102012
Eric Hornung Artist Series Kraken T-Shirt

The Kraken reel is offered in three sizes, the 3, 4, and 5. Here are the specs...
3                           4                            5
Diameter                  3.81"                                   4.10"                                    4.45"

Weight                    5.90oz                                 7.74oz                                  8.11oz

Spool Depth            1.65"                                   1.85"                                    2.17"

Spool Width            1.18"                                   1.38"                                   1.58"

Capacity              8wt WFF +                        10wt WFF +                       12wt WFF +
                       200yd 30lb Backing           250yd 30lb Backing           300yd 30lb Backing

Size Sugg.            7-9wt WFF                       9-12wt WFF                       12-14wt WFF
                 350-500gr Shooting Heads  500-600gr Shooting Heads  600-1000gr Shooting Heads

Price                      $209                     $219                      $229

I'll probably be ordering mine once the season turns back around and I'm in need of a new salt reel!

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