Friday, July 6, 2012

Sick of It

Via Dawn Patrol Fly Fishing:

if i read another fucking blog post, magazine article or hear it out of some d-bags mouth hole i’m going to stab my eyes out with a thingamabobber.

please let this nymph vs. dry fly thing die. let’s all assume that we’d like to fish on top but that more enlightened, less whiney fisherman will catch fish in a wider range of conditions, year round then the entrenched dry fly purist out there. every fisherman that i’ve ever known that talks shit on one type of fishing over another sucks at the type of fishing they deplore… sorry to blow your ghey cover.
i believe the dry fly purist has jumped the shark. you aren’t using the same, far inferior equipment Lee Wulff used…right? then don’t prescribe to his theories because it’s tradition. it’s fucking boring. 
…or maybe do that and only fish 3 months out of the year. spend the rest sitting inside talking about fishing while the rest of us teach the trout not to trust a gotdam thing.
…and if you are man enough to put your mouth where your shit talk is, throw out every nymph or streamer that you own and only fish what you have to rub silicone on. 
i’m so sick of hearing the “guide’s have people dragging nymphs under a bobber” nonsense. if you aren’t a guide. shut your fucking hole. full stop. if you are someone watching a guide do his or her job and you think yourself and your tactics superior then get a license and prove it. but never, EVER, deviate from your high road and only carry dry flies. if you ever tie on a nymph know that you are a dirty slut and a hypocrite.
i can tell you first hand having actually done it, that getting someone into their first fish is a cool experience and far more positive then this “my way is better then your way” nonsense. it’s an experience even Lee Wullf might cozy up too, and I’ve never had a single person bring some bullshit, “i only want to catch fish this way” to the table. but i have seen smiles and felt gratitude, dry fly or nymph.
it’s boring and you aren’t doing anything to advance the sport. please stop adding caveats to other people fishing and concentrate on yourself.

Well said.


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