Friday, July 6, 2012

Kickstarter...Fish On Movie

Hey guys, so, I talked to you guys about Kickstarter a few weeks ago when I talked about a recent purchase I made through it. Well, theres something going on over at Kickstarter that will not only make you feel great to fund as a human being, but especially as a fly fisherman. Its a documentary called Fish On thats looking to be funded by "Kickstarters", people who donate for something to happen.

Basically, for those of you who don't know:

Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. Every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. Each and every Kickstarter project is the independent creation of someone like you!

So more about Fish On...

"In early September of this year, a small group of men with cancer will come together at The Wildhorse Ranch near Mackay, Idaho for a three day fly fishing retreat hosted by the national organization REEL RECOVERY.  Fish Onis a feature length documentary film that tells these men's stories and how this retreat and a few hours of enticing a fish to rise impacts them.
I am often asked "why" I love fly fishing.  One of my many stock answers to that question is "because the world and all the problems I have in it disappear when I'm knee deep in a river staring down my fly".  During my many hours on the water, casting, getting tangled up, wading, missing fish, catching fish, hooking my own hat and catching my breath, nothing else seems to exist.  I find myself completely hypnotized by the experience of fishing and long after the final cast of my day, I am always rejuvenated.
For years I have wanted to make a film that gives folks a glimpse at the hypnotic and rejuvenating side of fly fishing but had not yet found the right story.  When my good friend (and partner in this endeavor) Reese Ferguison introduced me to the Reel Recovery organization, I knew I had found my story.
This is a fishing film that will feature some of the best fly fishing water & scenery in southern Idaho.  A documentary who's purpose is to share the joy, the thrill and the therapy that fly fishing is capable of giving.  I look forward to witnessing how this retreat and casting a few flies, gives these men moments of freedom from the worry that undoubtedly overwhelms them during the difficult times they are facing.  
I appreciate each contribution and each individual, group of company who gets behind me and my buddy Reese for this endeavor.  Please take a glimpse at the "rewards" we offer for your contribution and PLEASE contribute right now."
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Check out the Kickstarter page by clicking on the link here or above and make a donation, even something small. As Travis Swartz (Producer) said in the video, if you contribute, you will be rewarded, anything from signed DVDs to T-Shirts, to even guided trips! Everyone gets cancer these days, I can not only attest to that as someone who has had multiple family members affected by the big C but as someone who works in a hospital. Support some of our local brothers and let them know you care, help get this movie made!


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