Monday, June 18, 2012

Trip Days #5

Yesterday I got my fly line wet for the first time in OBX, felt great. Thanks to some awesome reports and help from the guys at Hatteras Jack I headed over to "New Inlet", an inlet that was courtesy of hurricane Irene and now one of the hottest flounder spots on the entire Outer Banks.

I decided to go back today after getting skunked (but some great footage with the GoPro). The inlet has a great channel that really rips when the tides change. I was in one of the back creek targeting drum and trout when all the sudden, puppy drum start hitting the surface. I there everything from shrimp to crab to what I was told to throw, clousers (in every color). Like I said, no bites, but definitely beautiful. The tides here are pretty crazy, especially in New Inlet. I sent my backpack down on a sand bar to try and get some further casts and before I could blink, water was rising up to my backpack at a rapid rate, I grabbed it just in time to save my phone.

The water clarity is amazing and species availability makes the Bay look like its for rookies. I love it, can't wait to see what decides to bite later in the week. I have a few wading spots I plan on trying out, all within 20 minutes of the house. Cant wait. Till tomorrow I leave you with this...


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