Monday, June 18, 2012

Trip Day #4

Finally got to Rodanthe, NC yesterday around 4pm. Super pumped, weather is set to be beautiful, fish are definitely in the area, and all the gear is set. I scouted out the areas a few sources sent me, again thank you John, Sam and Dave. I got my fishing license, $10 for a 10 day non-resident. Stopped by Hatteras Jack Inc Fishing Tackle and picked up some gear and talked to a few locals. Great shop, good service.

The best part about our house other than the hot tub on the roof, beachfront view, and minibar...the house has its own cleaning table for fish, I'm destined for greatness (or failure).

I'm off to get some lines wet, wish me luck. Beautiful day here, 75 degrees, 9 mph gusts, sunny, let's goooo!

P.s. happy fathers day!


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