Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TLTFF/KAVU Day Contest 3rd Place Winner Entry - Garrett Perdick

Garrett was one of our first entries and sat in the top five the entire contest. He put together this awesome recollection of a Kavu Day and simply amazed us. True Kavu Day right here...

"My KAVU day...had a striper charter scheduled to fish the evening/night time around Indian River Inlet in Delaware the Saturday after this past Thanksgiving. We met up with the Captain at the boat launch at 3PM and he said since much wasn't happening in the inlet did we want to go fish out in the bay and see if we couldn't find some fish. So we did. We fished had and only managed on dogfish, not the outcome we were looking for. So we headed back to the inlet and wasted some time since it was slack tide. Once the tide started to move again, about 10PM now, we went out and threw bombers at the submerged end of the jetty. Around 11PM we started hooking up with short stripers consistently. Finally I get a decent hit on my bomber and bring a 30" striper on to the boat! Since keeper size was 28", this one was going home. We worked really hard that day and fished until about 1AM that night, and were rewarded with an excellent diner the next night."


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