Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daily Deal...160 Piece Lockett Lure Assortment Via Fish Itch

Via Fish Itch:

Normally $39.00, now only $19.50

Well ho-lee mo-lee! I ain't ever had a deal like this before an' I don't reckon I will again any time soon! Here's a regular bucket-full from Lockett Lure Outlet that'll fill yer box with baits and load yer boat with fish. An assortment like this sets ya up fer hot days, cold days, clear water, dirty water, spring days, summer days, fall days ... sets ya up to catch bass 'n walleyes 'n white bass 'n trout 'n crappies 'n stripers 'n redfish 'n shucks - darn near anything else that swims. Fer under 20 bucks, if ya don't lock up this deal, I figure YER the one that needs locked up!


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