Saturday, June 30, 2012

Power Outages, the TLTFF Crew, and the Gunpowder River

So ladies and gents, the powers been out for about 24 hours now for us here in Annapolis. We had some pretty gnarly thunderstorms come through last night and deathly messed some stuff up, over 500,000 people are bored without power in this area right now. So in order to celebrate her cracking open beers here at TLTFF headquarters and trying to stay cool at Zack's place since he still has power (one of the few). Zack and I are making our first trip to the Gunpowder River in two months tomorrow. We're both pretty stuck to get out and use some new products to review, get some freshwater species caught on footage on the go Pro, and just plain old get out put some waders on, and throw some lines together... it's been too long.


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