Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog of Note: The Hobie Life

Matt Baden, a good friend of mine from work, can only be described by one word...bro. A bro always crushes, whether its Natty Boh, Mac and Cheese, girls, or fish. Matt crushes in the form of fish, big time. Matt is part of Team Hobie Kayak Fishing and runs a blog called The Hobie Life. Matt primarily fishes for Largemouth Bass but will really throw his line at anything with fins and a mouth that he can access with his 'Yak.

This summer alone, Matt has caught 3 citation Largemouths for the state of Maryland and is currently in 1st place for the state for its Kayak Bass Tournament. Nationally he is somewhere around 15th (out of hundreds of anglers). Heres some pictures of his citations from most recent to least...

21.25"- 5lbs 6oz

21.75"- 4lbs 8oz

21.25"- 5lbs 6oz

Everyone at work always calls Matt Morgan and myself Matt. Its hilarious. And every time I walk into Matts area, the nurse always says something along the lines of 'whelp, Morgan and Matt are here, guess I have to hear about fishing...' We love it. Matt and I have yet to meet up for a fishing date but I imagine it will happen soon. Between the two of us and our GoPro's we may make a collab project that will run this town. Check out what The Hobie Life has to offer and what its all about, its a grab blog written by a legit guy.

Here's Matt's About Me section called "Me, Myself, and My Toys"...

Me, Myself and My Toys

Here is what I stand by the most.

First and foremost my new Hobie Pro Angler. I have owned a Hobie Outback and a older Hobie Pro Angler as well. This is my fishing machine, it's what puts me on the fish!

It is somewhat bare right now. I will be going through the process of rigging it and I will share it all here!!

I also have a Hobie 16 Catamaran with Tequila Sunrise sails #54477.

And finally my 2003 Palm Beach Whitecap 181 Center Console.

Now if only we could convert him to fly fishing...


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