Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Flies of @castinglifeaway

So yet again, Instagram pulls through and makes life even more awesome. Its such a great social media medium, really has brought me closer to some fly fisherman all over the world! One such angler, Corey aka @castinglifeaway, posted a picture similar to this one...

Which totally had me spinning. Corey, being the super legit guy he is, sent me a care package like no other. I mean, serious, brohan hooked me up BIG TIME! I honestly can't find the proper words as a thank you but man, THANK YOU! Check these flies, seriously...

Works of art for sure! I haven't had the chance to fish them really up until the past two days. The fish at Waterworks were super picky yesterday, even though its post-spawn...I put everything I had tied up fresh in front of these bedded bass to no avail. But then today, the weather felt right (overcast, scattered rainstorms) and a brought my other bass box with me, filled with Corey's flies. I tossed a few of my own in to start out with and shore enough, didn't even warrant a look. Then, an hour and a half in and during a break in the rain, it happened. I threw on one of Corey's articulated streamers and began to piss momma bass off. She swiped over and over again for an hour. Nothing. So I decided it was time for a change up and that "this will be my last fly before I head out". I tossed on this bad boy...

and right away, momma bass took it. I set the hook and got hit right in the chest with it. She spit it before I could stick it in her mouthpiece. Wait what? I know, hold your horses. So I thought "well if she took it once, she'll take it again", and sure enough, she did, and I missed the hook set again. The third time I set the fly right into her bed and she sucked it up like a Dyson on dog hair and I KEvin Van Dam-ed the hook straight into her jaw. She fought for a good bit and before she knew it, she was hanging on a scale. I could hear the announcer voice in my head "weighing in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces...momma bass!" BOOM.

Thats what I'm talking about! Absolutely a fish of a lifetime and all thanks to my man Corey. Thanks again Corey, your the man! This fish goes out to you buddy. 

Momma Bass was released and went right on back to tending her flock. Cant wait to see what her book club friends are like...hopefully bigger!


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