Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Deals...Retro Fish Itch Items

Via Fish Itch:

All the time, Itchers are askin' me, "Itch, you ever gonna bring back this, that 'er the other thing?" Well, a-bubblin' back to the top are a few of m' favorite things from deals gone by. First off, I never have seen anything like these Lucky Bug Lures--half fly, half crankbait--an' ya can throw 'em on either a fly rod or a spinnin' rod. Ya get five lures packed in a sweet watperfoof fly or jig box, they're the cream of the crop. Secondly, maybe you're ready to re-spool yer rod. Vicious Flourocarbon is the way to get 'er done, an' ya can score a couple spools for the less than the price of one! Finally, the right tools fer the job make fishin' more fun, and these Wright 'n McGill sets are just perfect--and perfect fer yer Pop on Dad's Day. Heck, all of these would do right by the old man, if yer thinkin' gifts!

  • We donate $1.50 to support conservation
  • The Bingo Bug Kit retails for $44.00 - 66% savings!
  • Vicious Flourocarbon would normally set you back $34 - 56% savings!
  • MSRP on those Wright & McGill tools is $29.99 - 50% savings!
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