Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog of Note: My Leaky Waders

As a part of our "Blog of Note" section we run on the site, we wanted to bring a blog to the table that will really get your juices flowing. David, the author of My Leaky Waders is probably one of the funniest bloggers of our Blogroll. As many of you know, Owl Jones is having a contest for an Orvis Sling Pack...possible my favorite piece of fly fishing gear in my arsenal. As much as I like my man Dean of the blog Gin Clear, I had to vote for David's video entry for the contest...

On top of being hilarious, David writes a pretty damn good blog, getting straight to the point and putting material out there that matters, stuff he enjoys. I mean, just check his about section...

Hello there. I'm David. I like the outdoors. I like food. I like music. I like writing. I love Sara.

This page is a way for me to stay connected to my outdoor pursuits, more specifically, fly fishing. 

I've found as I've progressed professionally, I need to have more outlets in order to hang on to the things that make me more balanced. This page is a tool to help maintain that "other side" of me. 

Have fun. Enjoy the sights. But don't stay too long. You should be getting outside an enjoying the weather, whatever season.

- David

Legit guy. I haven't personally met David, simply had him comment on some of our posts here and there. Another thing Mr. Nash brings to the table, poetry. David write some pretty good poetry and anyone who has the stuff to put their own personal writing online, bro in my book. David ties some legit flies and has a fly tying setup I wish I had. Check his videos, by-far the best part of the blog. You can see one of them as today's "Daily Reel"...Ugly Fishing on a Nice Day. He's really an all around fly fishing and outdoor blogger, he covers all subjects. Check out MLW sometime and give him a holler. Its a legit blog, and one that we at TLTFF draw influence from on occasion. 


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