Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog of Note: Dub the Thorax

So Mike Volensky, the author of Dub the Thorax, has kind of become a friend of mine. He is involved in the Instagram Fly Swap I put together and the Owl Jones Fly Swap I recently signed up for. Mike has a great blog, Dub the Thorax. Its similar to TLTFF in that its full of trip reports, fly tying (except his flies are significantly better than mine), and some decent humor (again, better than mine).

Mike is from a similar but different region, Pennsylvania. My fly fishing roots are from PA when I was in college up there. Being surrounded by trout streams (good ones at that, compared to Maryland) and having a fly shop  10 minutes away, I was spoiled. I'm jealous of Mike because of the numerous trout streams he has available to him and because of his awesome tying skills. I only get in on these swaps for his flies...kidding, but seriously. Here's his brief "about me" section...

"I'm Mike. I'm located in southeast PA. I'm a husband and father of two who is addicted to fly fishing, tying, and beer. Sweet, sweet beer."

If you want to learn how to tie some gnarly-ass nymphs, check out Mikes page. Seriously, the man could go pro. A picture or two of his have shown up on our Facebook page as the Pic of the Day. Check out Dub the Thorax and let Mike know what you think. You can also check out DTT on Facebook and see Mikes awesome pictures on Instagram under the name @mike_phazeone.


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