Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 "Mosters of Tying" Fly Swap

So I'm on this fly swap fix right now. The Instagram one should be wrapping up in the next week or so as I send the flies out soon. Owl Jones cued me in to another swap going on (via Twitter) on his site called the 2012 "Monsters of Tying" Fly Swap which originated from Mike over at Dub the Thorax and a guy named Grant from Check it...

So, here’s how it all came about…
I ran across a Twitter tweet mentioning me, Grant Bench from and Mike from Dub the Thorax. (who also suggested the name for the swap!)  Basically, someone said “jump” and I said ” how high?” ( You had me at “fly swap”)
Tonight then, thorax-breath said we should do a terrestrial swap with foam flies. At least some part of the fly must be foam. Three seconds later, here I am writing up this invitation to all you fly tiers out there to get in on this swap. :)
Yay, foam!
I’ve done several swaps in the past, here and in other places and I don’t mind hosting them on ONE CONDITION.
I long ago stopped trying to postage and Altoids tins for people who couldn’t remember this one little thing. No SASE – no flies…unless you want to pick them up at my house. ;)
So, here we go….
Fly Swap Open Enrollment Starts TODAY. Enrollment will close on March 1st or sooner if we get 25 participants. ( Trust me, unless you’re a die-hard, hard-core fly tier, tying 25 of anything is plenty. So we’ll limit this one to 25.) You will email me for the address to send the flies. Flies will be due NO LATER THAN APRIL 1st.
That’s one month to tie 25 flies or less. I’ve found that giving people longer ( say 2 or 3 months) doesn’t result in a higher completion process. It just delays everyone else getting back flies from the swap.
If we have people who sign up for this and don’t come through (surely not), any extra flies will be either sent back with their respective tiers or given away in a drawing among participants. Whatever you guys want me to do with ‘em.
Look at it this way, if nothing else it’ll get you a link to your blog on OJDC. :)  So,………… who’s in?
1. Owl Jones, (uh…I forget)
9. Andrew, @Flyentologist 
12. Stew Allen, no blog listed (which is totally fine. You don’t have to be a blogger to enter. )
12.9 Jay Cummings, no blog listed
16. “Milliam”, :)
You can still enter the swap until it reaches 25 tiers. Check it out on the Owl Jones site.

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