Saturday, March 10, 2018

Nature Boy Designs' New Site

In the early days of TLTFF, I had the privilege of linking up with Keith Westra. He was a guy with a bomb proof rod tube, covered with amazing art, and a vision. As that vision developed, we began to see the evolution of Nature Boy Designs, a West Coast based company that sold unique products to the fly industry courtesy of Keith's creativity. As Keith developed one of the original designs of paracord lanyards and THE original measurement-integrated LS shirt, the expansion of NBD offerings grew every year. That evolution continued to diversify through the addition of fly management via my personal favorite NBD product, the Hat(ch) Patch. As Keith's ideas grew and came to fruition, so did his family...and thats why his latest move makes complete sense.

It was only a matter of time before this progression brought us to where we are today...a brand spankin' new, streamlined, sleek website AND the introduction of NBD Jr. We're excited to announce this progression here on TLTFF for our close friend Keith.

The support within the fly industry makes it such a unique, symbiotic system. There really isn't any other industry like it, and thats what drives people like myself to LOVE it, and Keith to continue to do what he loves via NBD. Roll on over to the new site, and be sure to check out the new NBD Jr. line for all of our future outdoors people's needs.


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