Monday, February 27, 2017

Kickstarter...Taylor Fly Fishing Array V2

Array (definition): an impressive display or range of a particular type of thing. Multiple uses, broad range, or wide spectrum.

The original Array was our best selling reel of all time. It was a jack of all trades, multifunctional machine. Designed to be a reel that could serve multiple functions; a reel that could be used to fish high mountain trout, or bonefish on the salt flats of the Bahamas. The Array V2 is an evolution of the original: stronger, lighter, superior drag strength and stability, and a refined design. This reel features an all new 10 disk drag system designed to be both powerful and smooth. Beauty, form, and function make the Array a one-of-a-kind fly fishing reel!

The foundation of any reel design is the drag system. We believe a reel should be built from the drag up. With the Array V2 we designed an entirely new drag system with a focus on stability, reliability, and power. The V2 drag has 10 alternating carbon fiber/stainles steel disks sealed within a watertight chamber. We also isolated the one way clutch in its own chamber to ensure that is remains completely isolated from both moisture and debris. The drag has over 8lbs of drag power which is more than enough for any large salt-water fish you may target. The Array V2 drag is new, innovative, and perfect for virtually all fishing applications. 

The Kickstarter goes live tomorrow, February 28th, at 9pm MT.


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