Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fly Product...Vedavoo Netster

Instead of sliding your net handle behind your belt, this simple holster for long-handled nets keeps the net more secure. There may never be a perfect system for hauling these beasts around, but we've done our best to give you something that'll be darn close without breaking the bank. Handmades, Nomad's, Rising's – if it has a long handle, the NETSTER will help keep it where it should be – out of the way… and help protect your waders from textured handle abrasion.
Slides onto your existing wading belt – with a split back so that it can still accommodate the beltloop on the back of some waders. Also narrow enough to drop in between loops on other waders (like Patagonia).
$25-30.00 and available in almost all Vedavoo fabric colors.


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