Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Symposium

Have you signed up for CCA Maryland's Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Symposium yet?   If not, make sure you do by next Wednesday, November 30th at MIDNIGHT for a chance to win a FREE pair of COSTA Sunglasses.  Sign up by CLICKING HERE.  

The Symposium will kick off at 9am with a presentation by Capt. John McMurray of One More Cast Light Tackle Charters.  Capt. McMurray has a long history of participating in fisheries management, and a lot of experience on the water.  John will provide his perspectives on fisheries management policies and how the relate to his success on the water. John is a Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council member and a proxy to the ASMFC.   

Following John, Michael Luisi from Maryland DNR will provide an update on striped bass management, and give an update on what ASMFC is working on as we look to the future.  

Following Luisi's update, David Sikorski, CCA Maryland's Government Relations Committee Chairman will kick off a discussion of menhaden management, and provide CCA's position on the upcoming changes through Amendment 3 to the Atlantic Menhaden Fisheries Management Plan.   Following this presentation will be an open discussion with the morning's presenters to discuss anything and everything related to striped bass and menhaden management.  

After Lunch, Michael Malpezzi, Maryland DNR's Artificial Reef Coordinator will update everyone on what the Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative has done in 2016, and talk about upcoming projects.   We will end the day talking about the importance of benthic habitat to fish populations, and learning about ways the regions many stakeholder groups can benefit the health of the bay by working together to build marine habitat. 

Please Contact CCA Maryland's Government Relations Committee Chairman David Sikorski for any further information


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