Saturday, October 22, 2016

Running The Coast

I have been waiting for this film since I first heard about it around two years ago. Unreal. Roll on over to the HowardFilms site by clicking below and reserve your DVD...OR purchase online for $29.99.

America’s greatest gamefish ranges thousands of miles to get to our back doors. She has seduced inhabitants of North America for a millennia. Now, in a world with more complicated threats than just a hook thrown from shore, they persevere on. The only fish willing to meet us in deep oceans, shallow estuaries, sand flats, island beaches, ponds, rivers, stormy waves and jetties is an angling hero. She moves under dark rocks at midnight, on white flats to challenge a fly rod and light tackle, and island currents for boats with manic captains. With beauty, strength, aggression and abandon she meets us on her journey, and only asks that we work as hard to find her as she does to migrate up and down the North American coast. There is not just one way to catch her, and that’s what makes her special. The more we realize that, the more we can join together and help save her to ensure even higher numbers make our children stay up at night dreaming about how to track her down.


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