Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blue Halo's Limited Edition Green Apple Blank

Just wanted to send everyone an update.  We have added a few items to our website
-We have have added 2 new colors of backing. Blue and Purple.  Both look amazing with so many fly line and rod combination colors.

-We have also added Rod Tubes in all 3 sizes. It's hard to find tubes that fit fiberglass 3 piece rods.  Not anymore.

-Rod socks are also available for purchase both individually or if you want to save some money on a tube and sock combo that option is available also.
-Blue Halo reel seats for our 3,5 and 7 weights are also available to purchase. 

We Still have seval rod blanks available.  They are selling out quickly, so grab then while they are available.  We hope to have most of our colors and sized back in stock by the end of October.

Many of the hard to find colors and sizes of our built rods will be available again on the site before the end of the month.  We will send out a message when they are ready.


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