Monday, September 12, 2016

Kickstarter...Streem Outdoors Fly Fishing Rods


Our high modulus carbon fly rods are designed to perform at a level of rod twice their price, backed by a no questions asked warranty!

Fly fishing for us started as a hobby, turned into a passion, and became our lifestyle. Over the years this enthusiasm infected everyone we knew. More importantly, we found that our experiences and fishing tips were the stuff that other wanted too. It wasn’t long before all our energy was saturated in sharing, showing and serving lifetime friends *and* new friends from their friends. Streem Outdoors is now born…and we’re loving it!

We’re distinguished from other great offerings by our passion by making fly fishing accessible and comfortable for anyone who loves the outdoors. We believe that truly great outdoor products don’t need to ransom other loves in your life. We focus on engineering and designing fly rods, reels and other products with performance that makes our competitors embarrassed to sell theirs at twice the price. And to prove this point, Streem reigns above the rest with our lifetime warranty on all fishing rods. Checkout the others…nobody does it better than we do. You break it, we replace it! (…like, why should you have to pay anything if it’s truly ‘guaranteed’?) Boom!
To see the perks, rewards, and to read more about this here. To learn more about Streem Outdoors, check out their website and give them a 'Like' on Facebook.



  1. This is awesome! thanks for the post!!

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