Friday, September 30, 2016

Fly Products...Rising Nets X Taylor Fly Fishing

So Taylor Fly Fishing has paired up with Rising to bring you a product already known for its quality, paired with a company that has gained a lot of footing within the fly fishing realm. Check out the custom Rising nets Taylor Fly Fishing is distributing. Made in the USA, bad ass engravings, and some of the highest handmade quality and functionality you can find...

Via TFF:

At Taylor Fly Fishing we design our rods and reels to be lightweight, beautiful, and to perform flawlessly. We have teamed up with Rising to offer these awesome nets that carry our same values. All rising nets are made from light-weight anodized aluminum with a rubber bag that protect fish for catch and release practices. You now can have a beautiful net that matches flawlessly with your beautiful rod and reel!

* Black and pink nets are only available in 24" handle length with a large basket. Other size and color restrictions may apply. Product will say unavailable if you net configuration is not available at this time. 

-10" version is $99.00

-24" versions is $139.00


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