Monday, September 19, 2016

Fly Product...Nature Boy Designs' Para-Coil Retractor

Via NBD:

A great way to keep your tools close at hand. Finally, a retractor that does not bind, jam up, or you have to throw out after a season. Each and every Para-Coil Retractor is made by yours truly. The process of making them is a bit more involved and time consuming, but the final product is well worth it.

  • Made from 550 USA Paracord
  • Each is handmade by Keith.
  • 4 inch and 8 inch lengths.  4 inch model stretches out to approximately 2.5 feet and 8 inch model to approximately 4.5 feet.
  • Split rings on each end.  
  • 4 inch model comes with a Trigger Snap while the 8 inch model comes with a Carabiner.
  • Smaller version is perfect for line nippers and smaller items while the larger version is ideal for pliers, hemostats and even great for your keys.
  • $15-22

When ordering please select the color you want by filling out the “color” field below when placing your order (please choose only 1 color).

*Pliers and other tools shown are not included.


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