Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kickstarter...Focus Fly Fishing Rods

Via Focus Fly Fishing Rod's Kickstarter:

We know what you are thinking, why trust a new rod company? Why not buy a rod from the big rod companies who have been around forever? 
Long story short, we are using the same factory that some of the biggest rod manufacturers in the world use.  The same factory that produces your $800 rod is also making our rods.  So these aren't new rods, they are very similar to a rod you might already own, the only difference?  We are charging way less, and since we don't care about what people think we can do whatever designs and colorways we like!
We are a group of anglers who are passionate about fly fishing, quality products, and design.  Our mission is to create beautifully crafted fly rods using all of the highest quality materials, but only charge half of what everyone is charging.  How can we do this?  By selling directly to the fishermen.  
Why would you pay $800 for a fly rod that cost a fraction of that to make?  After looking into the building processes and materials we have found out that we can make a really nice rod, in fact we can make the best rod, but by cutting out the middle man, we are selling it direct for under $300 instead of $800.    

-Powder coated aluminum rod tube.
- Blue rod bag matching the rod.
- Hard chromed snake guides for durability and no drag.
- High grade cork handle.
- Dot mark and focus logo on ferrules for preciseness.
- Hardwood reelseat.
- 3.3 Ounces
- Moderate action with a slighter stiffer tip for mid range efficiency.


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