Monday, July 11, 2016

Kickstarter...Taylor Fly Fishing's PHENOM Rod

Over the last couple years, our company has grown from an idea to a up and coming competitor in the Fly Fishing Industry. When we started, we saw ourselves as a reel company and didn't really consider the addition of any other products. We wanted to make reels that were durable, stylish, and affordable so the average fisherman didn't have to compromise according to their budget. 
About a year after starting our company, we recognized that similar to reels, a quality fly rod was often too expensive for the average consumer. While there are many great affordable rods out there, pick up a $600-$900 rod and you can see and feel the difference. We knew we could design and build a high end fly rod with the look and feel of top rods at an accessible price point. The decision was made in the spring of 2014 to design our own fly rods. It is now two years later and our first rod is ready to hit the market.
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