Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fly Product...ARC Fishing's Dry Fly Line

Featuring an extended front taper and the latest advancements in fly line design and materials, the specialized ARC Dry Fly line is the perfect choice for the delicate presentation of dry flies to wary trout. A 6% low-stretch Response Core gives this line extraordinary feel and hook setting ability. The ARC Dry Fly line also features ZNG Technology, including performance enhancing transition zones, a super high floating permanent Nano PTFE coating, and a low-friction, grooved line profile.

And don't forget we're giving $10 from any fly line purchased in our online store to one of five angling conservation nonprofits.  And you decide which organization receives your donation. Free Shipping on orders over $25!
For every ARC fly line sold in our online shop, we’ll give $10 to one of several angling conservation nonprofits near and dear to our family, and yours. Even better, you get to decide where the $10 donation goes. Learn More
Available in WF4-WF5.


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