Sunday, July 31, 2016

Daily Reel...'The Bank - Ep. 5 - “Splittin' the Uprights”'

It's a cool day. The daytime high is +12C with rain showers and wind that picked up to 100kmh. We start the day on the inside of a fast run with two dark "smudges" holding to rocks. These "smudges" are brown trout in colder water, less active as the light mayfly hatch has yet to begin and, being early in the season, there are no terrestrials about. The trouble is the two fish are only going to take a nymph and that they are less than a rod length from one another. Getting the cast flies high enough upstream to allow the nymph to sink deep enough to get the lower fish's attention while not spooking the upper fish nor inducing a downstream take from it is the issue. We wanted to try to take both fish. The discussion centers about that goal.

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