Friday, May 20, 2016

Howler Bros' Sayulita Chronicles - Ep. 1

Earlier this year, the Howler crew and Ambassadors headed down to Sayulita, Mexico for our latest pilgrimage to chase the sun. Anytime you bring group of people like this together, the stories are never-ending. We are happy to present The Sayulita Chronicles - a series of videos to share with you the sights, sounds, and adventures we found down on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
In this first installment of The Sayulita Chronicles, the crew dives headlong into the local nightlife, savors copious amounts of street tacos, and connects with a legendary local “fixer”, Izzy. Warning: watching this video may cause you to book some travel.

Stay tuned for more episodes of The Sayulita Chronicles in the coming weeks.
Music: "Viuda Encabronada" by Y La Bamba


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