Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fly Product...Flood Tide Co. No Hinge Reel Cases

Via Flood Tide Co.:

Introducing the Cameltoe (7-9 weights) and the Mooseknuckle (10-12 weights).

We just got sick of having to adjust the flyline when you put your reel case on, so now we don't anymore.  This reel case has a cut where the line slides down naturally staying straight while the reel is protected.  Size based on an Everglades Tibor...fits most 7-9 reels (GREEN) and larger case based on a Tibor Signature 11-12 (BLUE).   By teaming up with our friends at Vedavoo, these are made in the USA, bam...there ya go. $32.00-$36.00


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