Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Daily Deal...Blue Halo RIPPLE WF Fly Line

I've used these lines for a little over a year now. They aren't kidding when they say they are meant to pair with a glass rod BUT they also pair well with graphite. I can only speak for the 5, 7 and 8wt lines but they are money. The best part, they aren't even on sale and they're this cheap...hence the deal.

Product Description

BLUE HALO Gear fly lines are created with advanced computational alogorithms to ensure a pin-point accurate line profile, resulting in a perfectly-balanced, low friction line that makes effortless, effective casts. With an advanced coating, our lines ride clearly on the water's surface, helping you make a convincing presentation. The binary color scheme is easily visible during mixed light situations, leaving you prepared for every condition.
RIPPLE Weight Forward FLY LINEWeight Forward, Low-Friction, Bi-Colored, Floating
Available in 4 Colors: Blue-Teal, Lime-Green, Orange-Grey
  • Shooting Taper for easy distance with fewer false casts
  • Symmetrical, weight forward profile for added casting heft
  • Proprietary hydrophobic coating for smooth, frictionless movement
  • Ideal for adverse conditions such as wind or limited backcast
  • Welded loops for easy leader and backing removal
  • 3-8wt
  • $34.95


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