Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PodCAST...Flood Tide Co. "Barely Live Sessions" Podcast

Via Flood Tide Co.:

More than not, when we get a few people hanging out here at the Flood Tide lab, the tailgate of the truck or at the local watering hole...we get some amazingly entertaining conversations going on.  Whether they are fishing related, music related, bourbon related, they are all conversations that are somewhat interesting to anyone that fly fishes or in the fly fishing industry.  In the last few months we have started to record these interactions and are now public, whether it is a good move or not!  We love talk radio, so we ar enow going forward with our version.  We aren't saving the world or making it better by doing so, but we are having fun with it and think you will to if you take a listen. Roll on over and give it a download and listen...


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