Friday, April 22, 2016

Kickstarter...Come & Take It

Well, not really a Kickstarter but it is a crowdfunding campaign so it sounded good. Check it...

"Come and Take it" is a fly-fishing documentary that follows a group of anglers as they experience the great regional fishing offered up by the Texas Hill Country and Gulf Coast. The film starts along the banks of the San Marcos River in search of Largemouth and Guadalupe Bass and transitions through the San Marcos and Guadalupe River watersheds down to the Gulf Coast where the group sets their sights on Redfish, Trout, Black Drum and anything else that will come and take their flies!
With the level of flooding in Texas in the last year, it was a long and hard fight to restore order along the riverbanks of the Texas Hill Country. On May 25, 2015 the Texas Hill country area was received massive amounts of rain, far more than its rivers and tributaries could handle. As a result many people were left without homes and select residents lost everything. With dramatic footage from the May and October floods, "COME AND TAKE IT" tells the story of life in Texas as a fly-fisherman. In the lone star state anglers are consistently challenged with unsavory conditions and are forced to be versatile in both tactics locations.
The crew in the film includes Chris Adams, Chris Long), Daniel Hughes, Josh Troell a few friends that tagged along for the ride. Battling mother nature, work schedules and of course, finicky fish, the crew pooled together for a successful, great fly-fishing experience; One that will last forever. 
Some Hill country residents were impacted by flooding in May and again in October. One man in particular Cody Swimmer, an outstanding citizen and extremely humble guy, was almost finished cleaning up from the memorial day flood when he was slammed again in in the Fall, suffering irreversible damage to his land and home.
Please click the link below and give a donation (large or small) to help this man bounce back from a devastating loss. 


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