Saturday, March 19, 2016

Take Action...Sustainable Oyster Harvest Act SB 937

Via CCA Maryland:

"We are proud to announce that SB 937- The Sustainable Oyster Harvest Act of 2016, has passed the Senate Education Health and Environmental Affairs Committee with unanimous support.  The bill will now be presented to the full Senate for a vote.  Please take the time to share with your Senator how important the proper management of our natural resources are to you by sending a short email urging their support of SB 937.  Remember, this is one of a very large number of bills that the Senate is considering, so please be respectful and concise in your input."

To find your legislator, click this  link.  Once on the new page, click on "Who represents me" on the top right of the page.  Type your address and zip code in the window provided.

SB 937 is an important step forward to ensure that our oyster resources are managed based on science, and consistent with current fisheries management statute.  Through a joint effort of many organizations, Senators, and legislative staff, the bill has been amended from its original form, and will provide valuable information for future oyster management in Maryland.  

To learn more about SB937 and our work to benefit oysters, you can go to the CCA website.


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