Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fly Product...Vedavoo's River Quiver

I give you, the River Quiver. The best thing Vedavoo has put out since well, their last product. But I have to say, and I think anyone who saw it at Somerset this weekend would agree, it has to be one of the best products in their lineup. 

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It's half rod tube, half travel case. It can hold up to four 4-piece rods up to 9' (ideally 1-9wt +/- depending on make and model, taper, hardware used, etc), potentially up to 10'. It can be made in any color that Vedavoo offers as well as two-tone. It folds up like a burrito to be more minimal like a tube or fold flat to be stored easily (like in an overhead compartment of an airplane). The outer layer is made from "premium Volara grade foam, simply the best available". Every single piece of this product are made in the USA, from buckles to fabric and more.

Photo courtesy of Vedavoo

The four 4-piece capacity gives the Quiver a great backbone of 16 fly rod pieces also giving it strength and durability in an almost self-protecting nature. Coming in at $200, it may be one of the better investments you make regarding fly fishing gear. 

Photo courtesy of Zach Pittman of

The River Quiver should be on the website shorty, stay tuned for updates here as well as on Vedavoo's Facebook Page.


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