Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fly Product...Flow Mow Timelapse

Flow Mow brand product, made to be used with GoPro® cameras. Flow-Mow opens up new possibilities for time-lapse videos by adding motion. Flow-Mow can rotate your camera up to 360°, providing a 2 hour (black version) or 12 hour (white version) long pan (the only timer on the market capable of this), slower and smoother than any egg timer or other spring loaded mechanism.

Use and Maintenance

  • Maintenance free and ready to use anytime. No batteries required.

  • Innovative housing design that allows easy detection of the status of rotation
  • The strong mechanism is especially designed for slower movement during recording, allowing more information intake than previously possible
  • Motion can be set anywhere from 0 - 360°
  • The only product in this market segment that is able to run for up to:
    •  2 hours (black version) 
    • 12 hours (white version) - allowing you to pan on your focus subject longer for more dramatic time lapses
Application of DSLR

  • Primarily developed for smartphones and ultra compact cameras. Although we have received positive feedback from customers using Flow-Mow with DSLR cameras (tested "Canon 1100D - 18-55mm lens - Total weight: 700grams") , no guarantee can be made regarding the functionality. Larger cameras have a different center of mass, due to camera design and lens equipment. 
  • You must use a Tripod Mount to stabilize the center of gravity. 
  • 1 Flow Mow Timer
  • 1 Tripod adapter compatible with GoPro® cameras.
  • 1 Cell Phone (Apple / Droid) Mount
  • 1 Built-in 1/4 screw (For direct DSLR Mounting)

Compatible with all GoPro® cameras.


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