Saturday, February 13, 2016

10 Tips to Improve Your Fly Fishing Photography

Awesome article thanks to the collaboration of Austin Green, Bryan Gregson and Caleb from Flymen. You'll notice some familiar photos from our Beaver Island trip as well as other featured work from our friend Austin. Check it...

Via Flymen Blog:

This article is designed to be a quick-start guide for the beginner, a refresher course for the intermediate, and a checklist for the more experienced photographer.

Through filming and photographing fly fishing productions with The Uncommon Angler and environmentally concerned documentaries, I've racked up a great deal of experience in the field.
When approached by Flymen to create a post for their blog, I immediately knew I needed to share my photography experience with their readers.
After brainstorming an extensive list of the most crucial tips I could come up with and choosing 5 to elaborate on, I then asked Bryan Gregson, Director of Photography at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures, to read over my list and choose 5 more tips for me to write about.
I wish to see every hard-working outdoor photographer succeed in capturing his or her vision, and this is the best advice I can offer for getting started.
Read the tips and remainder of the article here...


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