Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fly Product...The Tacky Tube

Product Description

The Tube offers quick, easy, access to your flies, while holding them securely in our slit silicone insert and protecting them from the brush or any other culprit looking to snag your flies. The Tube uses the same polycarbonate material and patent-pending silicone technology as all of our boxes. The silicone holds your flies very securely in their spot, while giving you the quick access that you need. You can hang the Tube from a lanyard or zinger and store your flies by simply backing the flies into any of the slits found on either of the open ends of the Tube. We've also added drop storage technology with a neodymium magnet found on each wall of the Tube. These magnets have been designed to allow you to simply place your fingers at the open end of the Tube and drop a non-weighted fly in which will be snagged by the magnets. The shell of the Tube is made of two pieces that open up on a hinge allowing you to use the Tube as a very minimalistic fly box. It can hold a few dozen flies depending on the size. -$18

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