Saturday, October 3, 2015

The All-New 239 Flies Website

A few years ago I started to see these gorgeous saltwater flies pop up on Instagram from the handle @239flies. Well I knew 239 was an area code down in FL and I found out Nick Davis, its owner, was a big snook, bonefish, redfish, tarpon, and permit guy down there. His flies and photography were works of art bringing a new flavor of tying to the industry. Popping colors, unique use of synthetic and natural materials, and simply awesome names put his flies out in front of many others.

I found the link to his (old old Version 1.0) website and immediately bookmarked it. Nick slowly became an inspiration for a lot of saltwater tiers, including those up here looking for new baitfish patterns to apply to the Bay. As the brand began to grow, Nick updated his website to accommodate the growth and his orders began to grow and grow in size thanks to his social media presence, YouTube tutorials and features, including his set in S.C.O.F. Issue 10 last Winter.

Back in April, 239 Flies shutdown the fly shop section of their website for a complete makeover with the help of Nick Shirghio of Nick Shirghio Photography. During the downtime, Nick Davis continued to put out some great YouTube tutorials on his page and maintained consistent content for his rad Instagram page.
Photo by Nick Davis/@239Flies via Instagram

After nearly half a year of hard work, is back, and better than ever. The new site is easily navigable, had some of the best fly photography out there and a completely clean, new design. The patterns are the same with some expansion including new decals (which ship free), new pattern sizing options, quantity and custom ordering options, and a few new patterns.

Roll on over and see what Nick and 239 have to offer and put some of his flies into your box...whether its your fly box or a shadow box.



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