Friday, October 30, 2015

Kickstarter + Fly Product + Fish Art...The Angler's Pint - Brown Trout

The Angler's Pint is a 21.5 ounce pint glass (larger than both an American & a British pint!) with one of Karen Talbot's scientific illustrations of a fish reproduced in full color on the glass. At the top of the glass, a fly rod (above a British crown and an American flag) whimsically boasts the Angler's Pint's superiority. In short, it is perfect for tall tales after a day on the water! 

...and it's dishwasher-safe!

The first Angler's Pint featured a brook trout and was the result of a very successful Kickstarter campaign Karen launched last spring (she raised nearly $12,000 of my $4000 in just a month, and she subsequently sold out twice!). The Brook Trout Angler's Pint was followed by the Striped Bass Angler's Pint (my personal favorite, but I'm biased as a Chesapeake angler) and just this past week, she launched the Brown Trout Angler's Pint Kickstarter campaign. 

If you pre-order through the campaign before November 2nd, you can get the Brown Trout Angler's Pint for as little as just $7 (suggested retail is $12). There is even a reward level where backers can send boxes of two wrapped Angler's Pints to four friends in time for Christmas.

Here's a link to the Brown Trout Angler's Pint Kickstarter campaign with a short video about the project:

If you have any interest in the Angler's Pint, or Karen Talbot's work as an artist and scientific illustrator, she would love the opportunity to answer any questions you might have. You can also find her and her art online at, on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to check out her online store by clicking here.


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